Public Education

Education is an investment in Tennessee's people. I will work to increase teacher pay, make early childhood education a priority, expand after-school opportunities, expand vocational and skills-based education in high schools, ensure all school districts get the funding they need.  Fully funding public education will give Tennessee a strong foundation and attract good-paying jobs.

Good Paying Jobs

Jobs that pay a living wage build strong communities. Strong companies that provide good benefits is what we want in Tennessee. If we invest in our people, through education, including building a skilled workforce, better-paying employers will move their businesses to Tennessee. We want to recruit the right business partners that value our people and show that value through good wages and benefits.

Equal Pay for Equal Work and Affordable Childcare

Doing the right thing is a Tennessee value. We want all Tennesseans treated the same. That means securing equal pay for equal work for women and making sure that Tennessee families have access to affordable childcare. We will make Tennessee a fair place for everyone to live, work, and play.


Healthy Tennesseans means a stronger Tennessee. We all must have access to healthcare that won’t break the bank. We will fight every day for healthcare in Tennessee and includes fighting for the expansion of Medicaid, which our current Tennessee Senate’s refusal to do has cost hardworking Tennesseans’ over $4 billion.  Those with healthcare are more likely to keep their jobs, stay off of public assistance, and have better educational outcomes. Health is a building block for a productive, vibrant life.

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